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Trial 4 2020 Documentary series directed by Remy Burkel, DOP Alberto Marquard and Eric Turpin, produced by Matthieu Belghiti and Jean-Xavier de Lestrade broadcasted on . Teenager accused of killing a police officer from Boston, Sean K. Ellis fights to prove his innocence, revealing corruption and police racism.
Winds of chemical warfare 2015 directed by Fabienne Lips-Dumas, produced by Seppia film, Arte, RTBF, YLE. A documentary which traces the history of chemical weapons, their use in the world, but also the danger they represent today and the efforts of the international community to discard it. watch the trailer>>>
Babies 2007, documentary for cinématic release. Hight définition video, directed by Thomas Balmes produced by Alain Chabat. watch the trailer>>>
Savannah rebirth 2013. A celebration of life. Animal documentary. Shooting in Kenya. Directed by Eric Turpin and Frédéric Lepage. watch the trailer >>>
Sin city law 2006 Las Vegas. Crimes, investigations, trials and death penalties. A documentary series, 8 X 52 minutes, directed by Remy Burkel and Jean Xavier de Lestrade, Sundance Channel blog in french>>>
Papa Wemba
The importance of being elegant Papa Wemba is a well-known Congolese singer. He is also a big cheese in La Sape, the Société des Ambianceurs et Persons Élégants. Produced by Channel four UK. more in french >>>
Wrapped Reischstag
Christo the wrapped Reichstag cinématic release. In June 1995, Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "wrapping" of the Berlin Reichtstag, became one of the most spectacular artistic events in recent history more in English>>>
The secret world of Geishas The mythical and mysterious world of the last Geishas of Gion in Kyoto. more in English>>>
Dirty paradise
Dirty paradise Cinematic release, shooting in french Guyana watch the trailer>>>
Giorgio Bellini
Addio Lugano bella cinematic release. A woman measures herself with her past of revolt more in French>>>


Hadzabe chasseurs à l'arc de Tanzanie (Dans la nature avec Stéphane Peyron) Meet with the last ethnic group of hunters-gatherers of Tanzania watch the clip >>>
Karos les amoureux du fleuve (Dans la nature avec Stéphane Peyron) The Omo valley in Ethiopia , the tradition stop Lalé and Jampa's love. Their future children are already condemned to death watch the clip >>>
Matis l'appel aux ancêtres (Dans la nature avec Stéphane Peyron) Brazilian Amazonia, the forbidden valley of Javari . Amerindians recently contacted by our civilization. watch the clip>>>
La vie en 5 actes 2006 five weeks shooting in Soweto the largest township in South Africa more in french> >>
Désert d'Uyuni
Llamero (Les seigneurs des animaux). In Bolivia , a man, a child and their caravan of llamas in the salt desert of Uyuni. watch the clip>>>

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