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Eric Turpin. lighting cameraman - director of photography

Director of photography


Cézanne en pays d'Aix A biopic about the famous painter. Shooting in his city : Aix en Provence. watch the clip>>>
Virginia Hall, L'espionne qui boite Documentary featuring fictional re-enactments : The city of Lyon during the second world war. 2011, Director of photography, directed by Robert Kechichian, produced by Christine Lentz. more in french >>>
Brûlez Rome TV drama. Historic reconstitution of the ancient Rome. 200 extras, special effects and 3D incrustations for a reconstitution of the fire of Rome in 64 before JC. Hight Definition Video more (in French)>>>
course de char
Vaincre pour Zeus documentaries with reenactments . Historic reconstitution of the Olympic games in ancient Greece more (in French)>>>
vivre ensemble
Vivre ensemble TV drama. Parents and children, a difficult relation more (in French)>>>
La Sept channel , La Sept' studio 1990/91 director of photography, directed by Philippe Truffault , Guy Gilles, Gérard Mordillat, Cédric Klapich… watch the trailer>>>

to see all my work as a director of photography >>>

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